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Yerba Maté and BMI, Part 1 – Ladies, Do You Want Your Waistline Back?

One of the things I’ve noticed in my work as a Health Coach is that some women believe there are physical symptoms of aging they just can’t escape. But the mindset of ‘I’m just getting older’ is dangerous because we ignore signs of imbalance and blame it on aging.

Many women start to experience an expansion of the waistline when they reach pre-menopausal age. Often this is blamed on hormones, slow metabolism, or just ‘getting older’. But at the age of 54, my waistline is a smaller measurement than it was when I was 16 – and I’ve had three children.

Understand that I’m not advocating for any sort of dieting as dogma. I’m just talking about small changes in habits that will result in amazing results over time. A lot of the images we see in the media of underweight women being sold to us at the ‘ideal’ are just plain unhealthy! Some junk in the trunk can be a beautiful thing, but junk above the trunk (as in an accumulation of fat around the waistline) can be hazardous to your health. Researchers have found that women who store excess pounds around their midsections are more likely to also accumulate fat around their hearts – this fat is not inert and is a serious risk factor for heart disease.

Here at Oregon Yerba Maté, we all still have our slim waistlines. We’re not perfect by any means. We just do our best to eat healthy, exercise in moderation, and we drink Yerba Maté every day! We believe it’s a must-have for anyone wanting a smaller waistline. There is scientific evidence that Yerba Maté consumption results in a lowered BMI, which results in a smaller waist to hip ratio. You can find a link to the study here. But in a nutshell, these are the results:

During 12 weeks of Yerba Maté supplementation, study participants experienced a decrease in body fat mass and percent body fat compared to the placebo group. Waist to hip ratio was significantly decreased in the Yerba Maté group compared to the placebo group. The conclusion? Yerba Maté supplementation decreased body fat mass, percent body fat, and waist to hip ratio with no significant adverse effects.

Here are a few more tips to get your waistline back:

Minimize your carb intake – especially gluten products, which are linked to inflammation.

Minimize your alcohol consumption – these are just empty sugar calories.

Replace white sugar with agave, stevia or some other low glycemic sweetener – you may even find that, if you reduce the sugar you use over time, you won’t even miss it at all.

Drink 64 oz. of water daily – dehydration is often mistaken for hunger and we sometimes eat when we just need a glass of water.

Take a good probiotic supplement – good gut health supports healthy digestion which can impact not only weight loss but will improve immunity.

I believe that aging can be done in such a way that we retain the body shape, brain health, and vitality of our youth. But I’m not talking about ‘staying young’. In fact, I think women only get better as they get older – and I know a lot of men who believe this, too. Getting older is really beautiful when we do it well. When we love ourselves at every age, we give a powerful gift to our future generation of daughters and granddaughters.

Men, we haven’t forgotten about you. Our next blog will be all about how Yerba Maté can help you ‘lose the paunch’. But in the meantime, everyone can save 25% off of our Performance Blend with promo code WAISTLINE for the month of October.

To you health!

Rachel Winkler, Owner

Oregon Yerba Maté

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