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Help Your Teen Do Great In School With Yerba Maté!

Teenagers are notorious for drinking sugary, caffeinated drinks like Frappucinos, Red Bulls and Rock Stars so they have the energy to power through their school day. I know this because I’m the mother of three children (with the youngest being eighteen) and I’ve seen it all firsthand!

Yes, they are looking for a burst of energy but these young people are exhausting their adrenal glands without realizing what they’re doing. They’re young so their bodies can handle a lot, but it begins taking a toll very quickly. By the time they are in their twenties, it can negatively impact their hormones resulting in avoidable issues like weight gain.

That’s why I am always thrilled when my daughter calls me to tell me she needs more Yerba Maté – and I send her a package right away! I love knowing that she’s choosing to drink it instead of the other stuff. When I asked her why she gave me these reasons:

“Maté makes me feel healthy. I feel gross when I drink coffee or Red Bull.”
“Coffee makes me feel shaky but Maté gives me energy, and I don’t feel shaky at all!”

After talking with her about it, I became curious about Red Bull so I did some research. I found that It’s nothing more than a dangerous chemical cocktail in a can. Basically, everything in it is synthetic!

RedBull contains a compound called GLUCURONOLACTONE which has been banned in Norway, Uruguay, and Denmark due to the health risks. This chemical was developed by the American government to help boost the morale of soldiers on the battlefield. It was never intended for regular daily consumption, especially teenagers whose bodies are still growing while already going through major change. Wikipedia says that excessive or repeated consumption can lead to cardiac and psychiatric conditions. Knowing this makes me wonder why any parent would allow their teen to drink it at all!

Thank goodness my daughter knows about Yerba Maté and chooses to drink it for energy. It’s organic, natural and provides her with the energy and alertness she needs for school. I love knowing that she’s also getting a plethora of other minerals and nutrients that give her health and mood benefits that will serve her for the rest of her life.

If you’re a parent, you know the feelings of pride and gratitude are monumental when you see your kids healthy, full of energy, and achieving their full potential. If you want to help your teen increase their energy without the harmful effects of chemicals or sugar, get them started on Oregon Yerba Maté this school season. It is pure food as medicine and will give your teenager a leg up during this challenging period in life.

Make it hot or iced and sweeten it with agave or honey. You might just be surprised by how much your teen likes it!

Until Septmeber 15th, stock up for school year by using promo code BACKTOSCHOOL. You’ll save 15% off of any Oregon Yerba Maté blend!

Yours in Health,

Rachel Winkler, Owner (And proud Mom!)

Oregon Yerba Maté

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