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At Oregon Yerba Maté

We strive to inspire health and wellness.
Yerba Maté is our passion because we love feeling great!

Our Blends

That’s why all of our blends are created with the health benefits in mind first. We make everything with the intention to help you live well. And, because we add only wildcrafted and organic herbs and spices to our proprietary base of both organic aged and green Yerba Maté, you'll experience more health and vitality with every delicious sip!

Maté is a superfood from the forests of South America! It has been consumed by Guarani tribes for centuries where it is known as the Drink of the Gods. This life-changing beverage is not only high in nutrition, it's also alkalizing and energizing making it a perfect carrier for the added herbs and spices that promote health and wellbeing. Our wellness blends will infuse your body with a bounty of natural goodness, so the more you drink them, the better you'll look and feel.

Oregon Yerba Maté started as Santiago’s Maté Café. The café opened in 2010 in Redmond, OR, serving up Yerba Maté lattes and other Yerba Maté based drinks.

Our Story

Founders, Rachel Winkler and her son Nate have over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Rachel is a health and wellness practitioner who spent twelve years as the owner of a full scale retail wellness center that included a health food store, holistic practitioners and a natural café which continues to thrive today. Nate also worked in the business where he grew up learning about nutrition and retail operations and alternative medicine.

When the family sold the business and moved to Oregon, they were introduced to Yerba Maté by a friend from South America. They began drinking it every day and were so impressed by how they felt that they opened a café serving Yerba Maté to the locals. Eventually, people began asking if they could buy the loose Maté to make at home and Oregon Yerba Maté was born.

As demand for the product continued to increase nationally, Oregon Yerba Maté shifted its business model from a local retail cafe to the online store it is today.

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Rachel Winkler, Founder

Rachel Winkler, founder of Oregon Yerba Maté at age 50 drinks Maté everyday to stay healthy and fit.

Rachel is a successful holistic entrepreneur who has devoted her life to inspiring health and wellness in herself and those around her. She worked as a health consultant for more than 10 years in her wellness center where she brought leading edge natural products and therapies to the community. She created and hosted a holistic radio show where she interviewed some of the most progressive and innovative people in the industry.

She has worked with respected herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze serving as manager and nutrition specialist in his retail pharmacy in Marina Del Rey, California. She also worked with world renowned Master Healer and Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Pankaj Naram on his clinic tours in the United States. She is a member of the Institute for Human Individuality, IFHI. She is certified as a practitioner for Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type and Genotype Diet, she is a licensed Heal Your Life teacher and workshop leader specializing in mind-body connection.

Rachel is committed to making Oregon Yerba Maté a leader in the health and wellness community and is excited about bringing the most leading edge, health and wellness products, information, and resources to those who love feeling great and want to live their best life!


Nate working with the local tribes in South America.

Nate Winkler, Founder

Nate joined the Peace Corps where he lived among the Indian tribes of South America. It’s here where he learned about herbal medicine from the shamans and medicine men in the region where they used yerba Maté as the base carrier for their herbal medicines. When he came back home, he was eager to put his new knowledge of medicinal herbs to use in the business which led him to create the six blends available today. Each blend was designed to infuse the body with high level nutrition and powerful herbal medicine.