Our Maté

Hannah-mate II

High quality organic yerba mate is an energizing tea grown in South America, known for its potency and ability to promote vitality, clarity and well-being of those who drink this rich, robust beverage.

The only mate company to use a combination of both green and aged yerba mate as the base for all of our blends.  Our mate is fair trade, organic and never smoked.

Our Blend Master

Nate Winkler, the blend-master at Oregon Yerba Mate grew up working in the family health food business learning about the healing benefits of roots, herbs and teas. 

What is Maté?

Yerba Maté is is a shrub in the holly family Aquifoliaceae, native to South America, used as a herbal tea. The word yerba is Spanish for grass or herb. The word Maté is from the Quechua mati, meaning "cup".

Yerba Maté is therefore literally the "cup herb."

Try all of our blends for ultimate health and wellness…mind, body, and spirit.